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    Our restaurant is located on the 11th floor of Khanburgedei department store. We are able to accommodate 150-250 people at a time. We offer European and Mongolian premium meals, snacks, and Khanburgedei signature meals prepared by professional chefs. We welcome guests with a comfortable, cozy environment together with a classic interior and innovative design, besides a view of the capital city from the west side. Our restaurant is fully equipped with a stage, P4.5 resolution LED screen, modern, professional music instruments from Yamaha and Jbl brands, laser and LED disco lighting, wired and wireless microphones from Shure brand.

    Event hall

    According to customers' requests, all kinds of celebrations and receptions, such as New Year party, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, baby shower will be organized on a professional level.

    Course of Activities


    We have a VIP Karaoke room with a choice of 4 rooms for 8-15 people with clean sound instruments and equipment to ensure your maximum comfort. Also, it is available to order a variety of European and Mongolian national dishes and Khanburgedei signature dishes made by a professional chef of Khanburgedei restaurant.

    Conference Hall

    Our conference hall is located on the 10th floor of Khanburgedei department store and has well-arranged, comfortable seats for 80-100 people. The hall is designed for holding all kinds of meetings, conferences, seminars, business meetings, lectures and trainings. The hall is equipped with modern facilities, such as projector, screens, speakers and microphones, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, podium, printing and copying machines. Hot coffee, tea, snacks, desserts, and buffets can also be served during breaks.

    Coffee Shop

    Our coffee shop is located on the 2nd floor of the Khanburgedei department store, and has a comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their hot coffee, sweets and desserts while shopping.

    Snooker Billiards

    Our billiards club is located on the 12th floor of Khanburgedei department store. It has an elegant, comfortable environment with a classic style interior design. Guests can order a variety of meals and snacks from the bar menu and Khanburgedei restaurant.

    Types of Services

    Catering Service

    Our catering team can serve at any place customers want for anniversaries, meetings, conferences, weddings, shows and receptions. We provide a variety of delicious meals and high-class service at a professional level.


    Our restaurant serves guest-nights and events along with a wide variety of food and snack options with high-class buffet service utilities.


    We serve and prepare by preceed seasoning and frying lamb and pork meat prepared in a hygienic environment.


    We serve safe, healthy food, snacks, desserts, side dishes and drinks with more than 60 types of meals from Asia and Europe, as well as our imported brand products, consider saving our customers' time.


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